WC Wunder is the first anti-bacterial, brushless toilet ‘brush’!

WC Wunder, the first anti-bacterial, brushless toilet brush. Awarded silver medal for outstanding performance at recent award ceremonies for innovation.

The original WC Wunder Anti-Bacterial Toilet Brush is the world’s first anti-microbial silver Ion non-bristle anti-bacterial toilet brush made with anti-drip and anti-stick materials!

This new patent protected invention is fast replacing conventional toilet bowl brushes worldwide!


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How it works:



The WC Wunder Anti-Bacterial Toilet Bowl Brush contains a flexible antimicrobial silicone head which allows you to deep clean around and under the rim of the toilet bowl.



The non-stick and anti-adhesion properties incorporated into the brush help kill more germs and bacteria unlike traditional brush heads which can collect waste and paper.



The ergonomically designed pad is shaped to remove water stains and other contaminants even below the water line.

The WC Wunder Product Range:


The WC Wunder Available in 8 individual colours and a Chrome finish in the Exclusive range.


The WC Wunder Exclusive Range

The Exclusive Range is our elite range because its made from the highest quality silicone, which allows your toilet brush to last for 8-10 years!

The WC Wunder Basic Range

The basic range is made from a combination of silicone and other great quality plastics, which will last for 4-5 years!



“Brilliant product and great that it’s hygienic. Love it – going to buy a second for other loo.”

Anne, Cambridge


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