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The most hygienic toilet brush EVER. Anti-bacterial, anti-germ and mould resistant. It’s flat head and large surface area ensures nothing sticks! Unlike with the traditional toilet brush, the WC Wunder Brush doesn’t have bristles, which means no more toilet paper (or worse) getting caught! 



Passion for Cleaning

Check out a short video which showcases how effective the WC Wunder Toilet Brush really is. Say goodbye to the traditional bristle toilet brush, as once you experience the incredible new brush, you won’t go back.

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Whichever design you get whatever colour – the antibacterial toilet brush is guaranteed to suit you.


Brush Without Bristles

Award Winning

Germ Free

“An innovative design that clearly works, it really is a great improvement on the traditional toilet brush and is much easier to keep clean and hygienic. “

– Paul

“Love the chrome look and it removed stuff I had no idea was under the rim, despite always using the old brush constantly”

– Lesley L.

“This is very efficient and reaches parts brushes cannot reach”

– Doris

Some facts

Our unique Toilet Brush has so many different benefits.


Colours to complement
your bathroom


Designs to suit
your preference


Years your brush
will last!


Awards for Style
& Innovation

Flexible silicone pad is perfect for cleaning in places the traditional brushes cannot reach. Reaches far down the bottom of the bowl with its extra long handle AND cleans under the rim of the toilet. 

Silicone is natural anti-bacterial, but we have taken it one step further. The WC Wunder brush has infused silver ion, which actively kills bacteria.

The hard outside gives it the resistance you need to scrap away any contaminants. The soft, flexible pad allows the brush to bend to the shape of your toilet.

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