Nova Complete Superflex Silcone Piping Set

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The Amazing 9 Piece Nova Superflex Silicone Piping Set!

1 x Large Nova Piping Bag

4 x Large Nozzles

1 x Interchangeable head

1 x Clip

1 x Small Piping Bag

1 x Small Fine Icing Nozzle

Our brand new Nova Piping bag is here! The bag is made from high-grade Silicone which is extremely strong and resilient. This means that no grease will leak through the bag and it will not split, no matter how much mixture you put in the bag or how thick the mixture is!

But that is not all, here comes the clever part! The piping bag comes with a brilliant interchangeable head, which means you can change the nozzles whilst your piping. Gone are the days when you have to use all of your mixture before changing the nozzle! Piping stars and want to change to flowers? Go ahead! All you do is unscrew the cap and change the nozzle over. Its as simple as that!

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