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Choose from our extensive range of non-stick pans, oven dishes and casserole pots that are designed to last.

Neoflam’s new Xtrema Coating has improved durability and non-stick performance. The Pots & Pans are oven safe up to 180ºC too. Enjoy the most healthy and eco-friendly pans and pots on the market.


Neoflam Pots & Pans

Neoflam Pan Set

£99.00 £89.00


Neoflam Pot Set


Neoflam Pots & Pans

Neoflam 28cm de Chef Pan


Neoflam Pots & Pans

Neoflam 26cm Frying Pan


Neoflam Pots & Pans

18cm Neoflam Non-Stick Saucepan