Allergy & Free From Show


Where? Olympia, London

When? 8th-10th July

Do you live with allergies, intolerances, eczema or coeliac disease?
Do you live ‘free from’ gluten, wheat, eggs, nuts or dairy, or need to avoid dust mites, latex or any material?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then these events are made for you.

In short, The Allergy & Free From Shows are weekend events full of products (food, drink, skin / hair care, household items and more), cooking classes, talks, expert advice, kids activities – the list goes on – all ‘free from’ and all dedicated to helping you to improve your life.



3 thoughts on “Allergy & Free From Show

  1. Graham Stephen Deakin says:

    Not everybody that has coeliac disease lives in London and its suburbs, the show ought to eat in a more central position , it could probably coincide with the late good food show at Birmingham NEC and would I’m sure attract more interest
    Kind Regards
    G.S. Deakin

    • Graham Stephen Deakin says:

      Not all coeliac sufferers live in London and its suburbs, I’m sure that the show would benefit from a more central location . The late good food show would be an ideal location to join ranks with.
      Kind regards

      • Lauren Falloon says:

        I agree, although we don’t actually organise the shows, we just participate in them. They are doing another show in Liverpool in November, if that is any closer to you? You should get in touch with the organisers for the show and ask if they are doing similar shows in an area near you.
        Kind regards, Lauren

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