Let us tell you the story…

It all started with a whisk…

Before the company was even created and the family business was formed, Graham had his eye on a product – the Nova Multi-Quirl Whisk. It was an innovative take on a well-known product, but from there an idea was borne:

Wouldn’t it be great to find creative products that would make people’s lives so much easier?

Making the sustainable choice

From there, his daughter Lauren joined the company and they found new products together. However making life easier for people wasn’t the only priority anymore, but finding ways to make everyday items more eco-friendly.

We asked ourselves: how can we reduce waste?

We focussed on longer lasting products, healthier and stronger materials, less chemicals & reusable items. We said no to throwaway products!


Nova UK was formed! Graham started the company and began planning shows/exhibitions to showcase their products.


Lauren joins the company and together they expand. They find new products and Lauren introduces Graham to the 21st century. That’s right: they go online!

2021 (AND BEYOND!)

Even after an incredibly hard year, we are still persevering. We want to say a massive THANK YOU to our customers for sticking with us through this!